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BMET 1-3 LEAD, PM Mechanic

Job Title: BMET 1-3 LEAD, PM Mechanic
Company: Beaumont Health
Job Location: Biomedical Engineering
Job Description: 13 Open Positions offering competitive wages, and benefit packages.
Repairs, installs, and performs preventive maintenance, performance assurance, pre-purchase evaluation, incoming inspection and calibration of medical equipment and systems. Performs varied clinical engineering functions such as technology management and technical consulting. Provides expertise to minimize equipment downtime.

Essential Duties
Performs electronic, electrical, and mechanical repairs/corrective maintenance of medical equipment including specialized physiological life support and non-life support medical equipment.
Performs scheduled maintenance on various types of medical equipment and systems including specialized systems.
Adherence to scheduled maintenance schedule to allow for optimum use and dependability of equipment by employees and medical staff in a safe environment for patients.
Assures that required PM's are done in compliance with established Job Plans and both CMS and TJC standards.
Performs equipment evaluation, contributes to technology assessment, technical consultation and in-servicing of patient related equipment.
Attends meetings, seminars, in-services and provides data management to assure accuracy in our equipment database and assists in capital asset management with Beaumont departments and performs project work.
Provides assistance from pre-purchase evaluation through capital asset disposal.
Performs installations, incoming inspections, and coordinates installations with vendors when required and validates vendor actions.
Orders repair parts, manuals, recommends spares to add to inventory, maintains service documentation.
Writes preventative maintenance job plans and testing procedures as needed.
Provides leadership for technicians with less seniority. Assures PM and CM programs operate in a quality and consistent manner. Willingly shares knowledge and expertise with others.
Uses tools and equipment appropriately.
Maintains and contributes to a safe work environment.
Standard Qualifications
Associates Degree in Applied Science Biomedical Engineering Technology or Associates Degree in Applied Science Electronic Technology with Medical Experience required.
Minimum experience level is two years' experience in a technical capacity.
ICC Certification - Preferred
The job requires moderate autonomous decision-making. Assignments are received in the form of results expected, due dates and general procedures to be followed. Decisions are made in the interest of patient safety and the ability of the machinery to function properly.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills will be required in order to communicate with vendors, guests, hospital staff, management, co-workers and all other persons associated directly or indirectly with Beaumont Health.
The work as it is typically performed consists of moderate physical exertion such that specific, common physical abilities may be needed to perform the job. Incumbent must be able to lift and carry up to 50 lbs. Work demands significant amounts of time in and/or repetitive stooping, kneeling, crouching and/or crawling to repair/maintain equipment. Fine motor skills are required. At times may be required to perform work from a ladder
The typical work environment involves potentially high risks with exposure to high voltage, electrical, chemical, and biohazards. May be exposed to blood borne pathogens, anesthetic gasses, N20, and various chemicals. These dangerous situations require adherence to prescribed safety policies.
The job requires operating tools or equipment with a skill level that is typically acquired through trade or vocational school training. This includes such tools and equipment as hand tools, physiologic test simulators, electronic test instrumentation, computers and related technology.

Link to Job Posting: https://www.healthcaresource.com/beaumonthealth/index.cfm?&cjobattr1=All
Job Posting Contact Email: robert.myers@beaumont.org